WordPress plugin to provide more privacy for comments

How to avoid storing e-mail, URL and IP address of WordPress commenters

I’ve created my first WordPress plugin which helps creating more privacy for blog comments. It hides the input fields for e-mail and URL in new blog comments and omits storing the IP addresses of commenters in the WordPress database.

It also disables the notice that e-mail addresses are not being made public, as they are not collected anymore. This helps to reduce the data collected from users and as such can be part of a good privacy approach for your blog.

It’s agreeably very, very simple. For more information and downloads, please refer to the plugin page and please do read the FAQ section for important further details. Use at your own risk, there are no guarantees whatsoever!

Autor: Florian Effenberger

Florian engagiert sich seit über 18 Jahren für freie Software und ist einer der Gründer der The Document Foundation, der Stiftung hinter LibreOffice

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