Ten thoughts on community leadership

How leadership in an open source community can work, in ten lessons learned

Many activities these days, be it sports, social work, arts or free and open source software, are organized in some sort of community. If backed by a respective legal entity, this not only helps with getting donations and entering contracts, but also puts statutes and rules in place that set forth the values and ideals all contributors share and abide to.

Inside these communities, there can be various roles. Some of them as formal requirement and with annual or biannual elections, e.g. the board of directors or the supervisory board, others within dynamically grown groups that can change frequently. Either of those are ideally composed of experienced and enthusiastic community members who take leadership and responsibility.

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Religion and open source

How religion and open source communities can relate to each other

Four years ago, I received concerns via private e-mail about religious views in free software projects and posted a statement about it on social media. Given it’s more relevant than ever, I’d like to share it again on my blog.

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Interview on my role at The Document Foundation

Some insight into my work as Executive Director

During this year’s FOSDEM, my colleague Mike Saunders has interviewed many LibreOffice contributors on their work and activities inside the project.

I’m proud of having been interviewed as well and I try to give some insight into my work as Executive Director of The Document Foundation.

Find the full video here.

I was heavily fighting with a flu during recording, but I hope I’m still understandable. ;-)

What the open source community means to me

Some very personal thoughts on what the open source community means to me and why contributing can enrich your life

The following text is a translation of the German blog post I wrote earlier this year.

Everytime I tell my friends about my hobby which noawadays has also become my job I face lots of questions. A worldwide community? Contributors around the globe? An open source community? Can you eat that?!

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Creating SSL certificates with StartSSL

How to create your own SSL certificates with StartSSL and deploy them to your server

For several years, I’ve been using StartSSL already to create my personal website’s SSL certificate. Just recently, the Israel-based CA has revamped their website not only with a more modern and fresher look, but also improved usability by implementing new wizards. In this little howto I’ll show you how to create your own web server SSL certificate in just a couple of minutes.

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Florian’s guide to IRC: Register your nickname

This article shows how you can register your IRC nickname to protect it, and gives an overview on the most important commands

IRC, the Internet Relay Chat, is a key component for many people working in free software projects. While these days a chunk of – especially mobile – messengers promote their services, IRC is known as a proven, reliable and recognized way of communication amongst open source people.

Many rely on the generous services of Freenode to power their chatrooms. While IRC per se is not complicated to setup, what often is a miracle to newbies is how to claim and register your IRC nickname, which I’ll show in the following guide.

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My GnuPG configuration

An overview of noteworthy GnuPG configuration options, including instructions on having strong ciphers and group encryption

Following my recent blogpost series about Thunderbird, I’d like to show you my GnuPG configuration today. I’m for sure no expert, so feedback on improvements is highly welcome. I run GPGTools on OS X, but this guide should be applicable to all recent versions of GnuPG.

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My Thunderbird configuration: Make it look pretty

How Thunderbird CSS file customizations help to enhance and extend the Mozilla e-mail client to adapt it perfectly to your needs

For more than a decade, Thunderbird has been my e-mail client of choice. It provides flexibility and customization via plugins and configuration files that helps me to adapt it specifically to my needs. Over the years, I’ve compiled my very own configuration set and selection of plugins which I’m sharing with my fellow readers, hoping that some of these customizations also make your e-mail life easier, especially when you have to deal with a huge amount of messages.

In a first posting, I’ve shared my favorite plugins with you, and showed you how to adapt the configuration to your very own needs in a subsequent posting. Today, I’d like to show you how you can improve the program’s appearance by tweaking some Thunderbird CSS files.

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