Dokumentation schreiben mit reStructuredText (RST)

Wie man Dokumentation mit reStructuredText (RST) schreibt und welche Tools das Leben erleichtern

Momentan überarbeite ich meine private Serverdokumentation und möchte sie Stück für Stück dann auch hier im Blog veröffentlichen. Zum einen, um das dank zahlreicher Quellen gelernte Wissen wieder weiterzugeben, zum anderen, um Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge zu sammeln.

Den Anfang macht dabei ein Meta-Thema, nämlich die Frage, wie die eigentliche Dokumentation aufgebaut ist. Ich setze dabei auf reStructuredText (RST), das ich im Folgenden kurz vorstellen möchte.

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Creating SSL certificates with StartSSL

How to create your own SSL certificates with StartSSL and deploy them to your server

For several years, I’ve been using StartSSL already to create my personal website’s SSL certificate. Just recently, the Israel-based CA has revamped their website not only with a more modern and fresher look, but also improved usability by implementing new wizards. In this little howto I’ll show you how to create your own web server SSL certificate in just a couple of minutes.

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Florian’s guide to IRC: Register your nickname

This article shows how you can register your IRC nickname to protect it, and gives an overview on the most important commands

IRC, the Internet Relay Chat, is a key component for many people working in free software projects. While these days a chunk of – especially mobile – messengers promote their services, IRC is known as a proven, reliable and recognized way of communication amongst open source people.

Many rely on the generous services of Freenode to power their chatrooms. While IRC per se is not complicated to setup, what often is a miracle to newbies is how to claim and register your IRC nickname, which I’ll show in the following guide.

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